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001 - Copy (3)Hello, hello! Thanks for visiting The Light Stealer’s Song. If you are a returning friend, I hope you enjoy the new look. If you’re new, here’s a little backstory to help out. A few years ago, after closing my restaurant of five years, I got very aggravated at the end of a popular series of fantasy books. It got me to thinking what I wanted in a fantasy series. As a lifetime consumer of other people’s stories, in all mediums, my standards were fairly high.

I wanted interesting believable characters as Stephen King does so well. Also on my list, a fully realized fantasy world, full of exotic and incredible things. The nerd in me adores Easter eggs, homages and shout outs, those were also in. There are soap operatic instances because I still mourn for the loss of As The World Turns. The most important thing was an ending, a definitive end towards which the story always drove. I’m also still a little ticked off at the X-Files for squandering years of mythmaking.

Eventually, I realized the only way I’d get exactly what I wanted was to make it myself. Having not written anything but menus since college didn’t deter me. This was a story begging to be told. I can only assume, since the first two books in the series poured out of me in around a month. The Song of Solstice is a big story with a large cast. I realized early on this was meant to be a series and didn’t look back.

My writing, publishing and promoting endeavors became derailed when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was caught late, there wasn’t much the doctors could do. Still, taking care of him was my primary focus. Just a couple of weeks after Dad passed, one of my closest friends also died unexpectedly. It took a long while for me to get my head back in the game. But I’m back now, and getting busy.

Both The Last Prospector and Travellers and Tramps are still available in self-published form on Amazon, I’m very excited to announce they’ve been given new life. We’ve been picked up by Booktrope and getting all the professional care the story deserves. This is a brand new chapter (winkety wink wink) for the Song of Solstice and me, an exciting one. Can’t wait to see how it all works out.

I’m not yet sure when the new edition of The Last Prospector will be released. Make sure to keep an eye on this space for updates. You can sign up for the mailing list if you prefer, and I’ll let you know when there is news. I promise not to spam your email with random stuff every day. We started a fan art page because Solstice has some fun things to play with. I can’t draw a lick, so please help me put together a gallery. If you have a suggestion or idea for the new blog, I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment or track me down on Twitter – I’m rarely too far away from that little blue bird.

Thank you again for visiting. I hope to see you back soon because travellers are always welcome!

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