One doesn’t need to do a whole bunch of intense research to find out what the number two represents. Two is a duality, a yin and yang and if you give with one hand, you should receive with the other. Our lives are defined by the duality of creation and destruction, one can’t exist without the other and that is the crux of my new book series, the Song of Solstice. The first installment, The Last Prospector, introduces you to the twin goddesses Ynoirya and Ylumya whose eternal struggle for primacy shaped the world of Sosltice.


The light goddess Ylumya is glorious, she radiates beauty and refracts her endless light into a rainbow that encircles her wherever she goes. Dark goddess Ynoirya is equal to her twin sister in every way and yet completely opposite, she seethes and contracts, spilling her venom with casual malice. Lumy creates life, she enshrines beauty and is especially partial to grass with all its gracious simplicity. Nory sees only the beauty of chaos, she enjoys the pleasure of destruction and prefers the shelter of fouled mud. Every feature and creature in Solstice was shaped by the conflicting wills of the twin sisters, who love each other dearly but cannot accept one another.

The history of Solstice is told by the scars left on the land. From the very first pitched battle when Ynoirya set the mountains afire, Solstice has heaved and healed at the whim of the twins. It’s hard to say how many years, or eons, passed during the first three wars. Vast mountains chains were pushed up while in other places the land was gouged away only to be flooded later. Plagues were unleashed, raging infernos set and all-consuming glaciers formed as the sisters tirelessly battled for supremacy. Each sister insisted that she alone was the most important and neither sister was willing to back down.

As you can well imagine, keeping the peace at home was impossible with two such ardent opponents under one roof. And so it was that their father declared enough was enough and Solstice became something entirely different. No longer a battlefield, the little world turned into a proving ground, a place that would ultimately decide supremacy. As powerful as the twins appear to be, they are still children, the creations of another truly powerful being. The Boss is both father and mother of all that is known, all not-yet-known and what will never be known. Not even the twins can circumvent The Boss’ will, so they can only comply and wait.

The waiting is done now, the Final war between the Twins started with the birth of a very special baby and cannot be stopped until it’s over. The Boss sired the first Prospector over a thousand years ago, setting the stage for an epic showdown. Now The Last Prospector travels the exotic roads of Solstice towards an unknown but certain destiny. There are many roads with many travellers, all bound for the same end. Some have declared for Ylumya, some for Ynoirya, but there are many still unclaimed. The time is upon Solstice now, the time they were created for is becoming and everyone must choose.

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