Meet the Cast of the Song of Solstice

There are a lot of characters in The Song of Solstice. Hopefully this page will help you keep track of them all.

Prospector – Born Grayme Bruus Ceruleya, he is the middle son of Gharyld and Coryne Ceruleya’s nine children. Sired as the final Prospector at sixteen, his childhood dream was to be a flyer. Instead he travels the tiers of Solstice with his beloved cats following odd orders and enjoying himself while doing so. His hobbies include both eating and snacking, exploring the world, and animal training.

Tonyo Ylnaranj – The quiet and shy nomad boy loves a girl from his tribe deeply, but cannot have her ever. His tribe found a newborn baby girl with some unusual gifts from the goddesses. Little does he know the baby’s birth heralded the beginning of the final war of Solstice. Vowing to always protect the infant, he leaves his tribe to keep her safe. Soon he will understand the unusual gift the goddesses bestowed on him, but not the reason he was made differently from the rest.

Awnyx Tiell – AKA, The Big Man. A captain in the most feared army in Solstice, he’s a legend in the Fist. Born the lowest of low in the strict caste system of the indigo tier and unwanted at home, he signed up at age twelve. His talent for fighting propelled him up the ranks with glory until he was felled by an enemy he never saw coming. The three leaders of the Fist have a very special job for him, there is a journey only he can take.

Holema Gialle – As the doyenne of the most powerful guild in Solstice, the Daggered Rose, she is the ultimate authority in the yellow tier. Her family is one of the oldest and wealthiest in the land. Famous for her beauty, she doesn’t rest on pretty. An intelligent person with a strong will, she makes sure the whore’s guild thrives while still making time for many charitable projects.

Tibaryus Ceruleya – Prospector’s cleverest brother is a famous engineer. A long-time resident of the yellow tier, he fears his lifestyle won’t be accepted by his family. Curious about all things and a huge fan of blowing stuff up, his inventions made him a wealthy man.

Nhynce Grysse – The most powerful of the seven Luminescents and representative of the goddess Ylumya in Solstice. She feels strongly that the people of the tiers have moved away from the light and is willing to do many unsavory things to bring them back.

Ylumya – The goddess of light. Her pet rainbow is her symbol and she bestowed the seven primary colors on Solstice. She loves horses, grass and her twin sister. She also hates her sister, so things can be problematic.

Ynoirya – The goddess of dark. Her pet is named Hate and her symbol is the closed fist. Nory prefers swamps, mud and violence. She also both loves and hates her twin. It causes many arguments at home.

The Boss – Also called Oneno. He is the boss of everything, every place, every time. The One In Charge. Kahuna. Not many in Solstice even know there is a Boss, he prefers it that way. The Boss sired the first Prospector in the misty times, charging the brotherhood to search for a treasure unnamed. He is only a He for the purpose of Solstice, just to avoid confusion.