Bloggists of Note

My Friends

Marian Allen, Author Lady – I read her Sage trilogy during the waits for my dad’s radiation treatments. It was a kindly, supportive friend distracting me from my worries.
It’s All a Matter of Perspective – The blog of Facebook maven and good friend of the light stealer, Holly Jahangiri. She’s the co-creator of #BlogCrawl and we’re getting that party back together.
Cain S. Latrani, Bunnies, Zombies, Fantasy & Craziness – If for nothing else, I love this guy for creating Bunny Beckman. I love him for many other things though, mainly because his weird vibes perfectly with mine.
S. E. Lehenbauer – Her hair is magnificent and she’s a damn fine writer as well.
Erin’s Rhewsings – Quite possibly the most adorable tweep on Twitter, this lady has had more weddings this year than I’ve had in fifty. Go check out her blog for the story.
Writing Possibilities – Jason Cantrell has some seriously good insights into writing.
Eloquent Until The All Caps Cussing – That title alone is enough to make me read his stuff. Alex Nader is a fellow author over at Booktrope and the creator of the Ty Burdin series. Backwoods noir, it’s a thing.
An Unkindness of Writers – Eve not only designs blogs, but she also writes. Find her words at Ravenhart. Find out how to get her help with your site at Jacob Thÿssen.

My Team

Booktrope – It’s the mother ship. Check out their site to read about the exciting publishing model they are creating.
Sweet-n-Sassy Book A Holics – The blog home of my project manager, Jess. She’s a force of nature.
My editrix, because I love saying editrix, does a bit of writing of her own. Check her out at J.B. Stilwell.