Welcome, Travellers

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Hello, hello! Thanks for visiting The Light Stealer’s Song. If you are a returning friend, I hope you enjoy the new look. If you’re new, here’s a little backstory to help out. A few years ago, after closing my restaurant of five years, I got very aggravated at the end of a popular series of […]

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Random Shoes Episode 2

Too late, Chelsea realized that green was the wrong color to camouflage her in the concrete jungle.

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Random Shoes, Episode 1

2014-09-19 12.24.05

After escaping the confines of a suburban zoo, Justine’s leopard print boot remembered the primal call of the jungle. It’s Lord of the Flies time now.

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Color My World


What’s your favorite color? If you are like the overwhelming majority of the world, including me, your answer is blue. There are some rebels out there, some color mavericks bucking against the norm, and I salute them. With so many amazing colors to choose from, someone is bound to pick aubergine eventually. Color is a […]

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One doesn’t need to do a whole bunch of intense research to find out what the number two represents. Two is a duality, a yin and yang and if you give with one hand, you should receive with the other. Our lives are defined by the duality of creation and destruction, one can’t exist without […]

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