Sledgehammer of Justice

• August 11, 2014

Blindfolded sledgehammer



Last week I participated in the epic silliness that is GISHWHES.  It’s a global scavenger hunt with hundreds of teams vying for a luxury cruise on a pirate ship in Croatia.  Really.  

With over 180 items on the list, such as bite Luis Suarez gently, each member of every team had a broad range of strange activities to document with either an image or video.

On my end, I sang Dust in the Wind in a manufactured dust storm, choreographed and performed The Dance of the Acyclic Graph, and made an angel from feminine hygiene products.




Towards the end, as we were scrambling to cram in as many entries before the deadline as possible, I took on the challenge of finding an object I was holding onto for all the wrong reasons and destroying it mightily.

Honestly, when I took the item I REALLY intended to destroy some old piece of restaurant equipment.  Really, really.  I have quite a bit still and am not likely to open another cafe.

The problem was that I wasn’t holding onto them for the wrong reasons.  It’s all still useful stuff, I use them, friends borrow them and most of it was expensive to obtain.  No, to stay true to the task, I couldn’t just destroy something for the sake of destruction.

Another problem was that I’d spent months purging the house of random stuff.  Pretty much everything left was being held onto for the right reasons.  Casting a wider net in with my mind’s eye, the answer came to me Friday morning.

The dollhouse.

It belonged to the girls when they were young.  No one played with it much and it’s been ignored for about 15 years.  I repeatedly asked the stepchild to remove it from my home over the years.  It’s been moved around in various forms of storage and no one ever asked about its welfare.

Both of my husband’s children are estranged from me, it’s been that way for a while.  I’m pretty angry with them, it’s no secret.  Despite that, if the dollhouse actually meant something to someone, I wouldn’t have destroyed it.

But I did.  Gleefully.

Good golly it was glorious!  My wonderful friend William manned the camera for me and I went to town on that puppy.  It was delightful, expressing all the rage towards the kids that’s been stored up for a couple of years.  I don’t know why the audio didn’t work, but I had a verbal reason for each and every blow.

It was over too quickly.  I haven’t had that much fun since the skydive a few months back.  The best parts where when bits of dollhouse went zinging around the yard from the force of the blows.  Delightful!

The worst was over!

The worst was over!



GISHWHES 2014 is over and in the record books now, literally.  At times it was almost grueling, but it was tremendous fun and I’d probably do it again.  I’m quite grateful for the unexpected therapy session, it was much needed.

Are you holding onto something for all the wrong reasons?  Please consider destroying it mightily.  If you do, please document it and share with me, Sister Sledgehammer.

And here it is, my finest moment.  Please enjoy :)


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