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I need to get my houses in order.  That’s right, houses plural.  A few months back, my attorney called me “landed gentry”.   Yep, I have an attorney now too.


Things have settled down since Dad died, no fresh dramas to send me spinning.  No complaints about that, but I have been reeling somewhat in the aftermath.  There are too many things I want to do, too many projects that need attention.  I’ve been skittering between them making no real progress on anything.

Ideas are bountiful right now, many of them are good to great ideas.  I want to do them all.  Right now.  So I run off half-cocked and start up something new.  This week I’ve been working on not doing that, on setting everything aside except for the two houses.  There’s the one I live in and the one I inherited.

They both need work.  The other house needs paint, linoleum, a plumber and an electrician before it can be put up for rent.  My house needs paint and organization, the shower is out of commission and why are tankless water heaters so darned expensive??

Here’s my big confession of the week:  I cannot throw a room together.  I do not fancy myself an interior designer.  I, in fact, wholly suck at the endeavor.

There are too many boring details in this gig.  All those measurements (I also suck at measuring things), all those little bits of hardware to keep track of, washing paint brushes.  Blarg.

There has been some progress.  After six paint samples, I did finally finish the fireplace.

2014-07-20 15.49.38


Yep, I’m sure HGTV will be calling any second now 😉

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Cairn Rodrigues is a lapsed chef and a current writer of refreshingly delightful fantasy fiction. She has a passably good relationship with punctuation while maintaining the high standards and integrity of self-published authors the world over. With over 30k tweets to her credit, she can sum up even the most profound and convoluted thought into a mere 140 characters as if by magic. Cairn knows all the words to La Bamba and is very well educated in classic American porn. She enjoys glitzy fireworks displays, the iridescent feathers on common street pigeons and a really great Monte Cristo sandwich.
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3 Responses to Home Despot

  1. Pete Laberge says:

    Get the electrical and plumbing and such work done FIRST.

    Now some renters are handymen. So before you put in pink walls, and chartreuse linoleum in…. Put an ad in the paper.
    Willing to rent house at reduced rate to handyman tenant who will paint and redo floor. SOMETIMES, it works.

    Now I can see tankless (eg Rinnai) for your home. But to rent out? Meh, Get a plain tank.

    Whether Rinnai or Tank, some utility corps and some HVAC dealers rent or finance them long term, say 10 years. You pay a little more in the end… BUT: During that time, you might (Read the TERMS!) have it fully warranteed against most anything! It is worth investigating.

    And why to I have to confirm I am not a spammer twice?
    And would that not, in my case, be a lie anyway? LOL!

    Hang in there….

    • Cairn says:

      Maybe you looked extra pink today? I was looking at the tankless for my own house. I really love the energy savings and not having a tank is very appealing. But they are certainly an investment.

      • Pete Laberge says:

        Pink and chartreuse as colors is an inside joke of myself and a few friends. It would take too long to explain here…. Just chalk it up to my craziness.

        The tankless, IS a good idea. Are there no Federal or State energy efficiency programs you could tap into?

        Call an HVAC company, check with your utility. You never know.

        Take care.

        Again, I state I am not a spammer, twice.
        Each time my conscience feels guilty!!!!!!!