LeBron James’ Mask Is Made From Bitcoins

Did you catch that bit of SEO skullduggery?  I haven’t recently watched and PTI, so I know nothing about LeBron James’ facial gear. And what is a Bitcoin?

But since you’re here and all, why don’t you do me a solid by clicking this tweet.

Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve been under siege lately. Nothing but drama, heartbreak, cancer and tears. Gawd, I am SO sick of being Princess Pitiful. It’s been a nice week, full of not-drama, and today I just want to goof off blog-style.

Here’s a funny picture.

funny horse

I’m glad February is over. While I excelled at being a daughter, I failed miserably at being a book seller. Miserably. I’m trying not to let it get me down. While it’s much better in the long run of life to be an excellent daughter than a bestselling author, as usual I want both.

Seriously people, I can handle it. Multi-tasker is practically my middle name. Ok, my middle name is Ann. Cairn Ann Multi-Tasker Extraordinary Daughter Wannabe Best Selling Author Rodrigues.

Yes, my mother was a visionary.

Here’s a video of my strategy for world domination via the written word.


Did I tell you all that I finally got a new laptop? It’s an HP15 with many fancy bells and whistles, most of which I don’t know how to ring or blow. But that is not the point! The point is that it comes with a built in camera and microphone. SO NOW I CAN WASTE TIME ONLINE VIDEO CHATTING WITH FRIENDS!

In fact, Holly Jahangiri and I are doing a G+ hangout version of #BlogCrawl tonight on video. I’ve nicknamed it Boozy Video Chat and it’s sure to pop up on someone’s blog soon enough.

With this newfangled video technology, I’m considering the occasional video blog for this space.  Who else wants The Last Prospector Sock Puppet Theater?

On the home front, we are getting a bit of rain.  That’s big news in thirsty California.  My poor garden is woefully untended but hopefully will get some love soon.  Tyra Jackson, the cockatiel, continues her love affair with Viva kitten.  V continues her love affair with fuzzy balls and a stolen piece of butterscotch candy that is her favorite toy.

My love affair with TV is ongoing.  I recently caught up on Sherlock, which was perfectly fine but I’m not in love.  Finished season 2 of Revenge, I do so enjoy a glitzy soap opera and now want a home in the Hamptons.  Last night I gave Scandal a try and Henry Ian Cusick is in it!!  Oh yeah, I’m going back for seconds.

Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick


If you read the interview on Bob Sanchez’s blog, you’ll know HIC is my premier choice to play Prospector in the inevitable miniseries.

The time has come to end my silliness. I hope you enjoyed this respite from reality. If you don’t want our time together to be over, how about you head over to Amazon and purchase The Last Prospector? There’s drama, silliness, giant cats and it’s a much better reality than this one.


Click the pic!!

Click the pic!!

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5 Responses to LeBron James’ Mask Is Made From Bitcoins

  1. I doubt many selling authors hit the success bell on their first try. Set long range goals, and then rest on the laurels of the better ones’ at the end of your career. also, consider that your successes are what you’re still able to do. I used to write a lot back in the 2000’s, although mostly political stuff. But that escapes me now, due to mainly physical issues that affect clear thought. Cherish that you can still do it, and take advantage of that ability to charge forward with new projects

    • Cairn says:

      I guess I should clarify. I not only want to be a best selling author, but I also want to be generally known as a self publishing phenomenon.

      Those are the desired laurels for my lounging!
      Cairn recently posted…Slippery SlopeMy Profile

  2. The world needs more respites from reality!

    So, Boozy Video Chat? I’m sorry – as a working title, it’s fine, but it seems a little…bland. “Two Amazon Authors & Alcohol”? Bit narrow… “Bookish Boozy #BlogCrawl” has a less misleading ring to it… “Tipsy Tittilating Titles on Air” may have more SEO potential, but I suspect when certain Internet trolls find their dictionaries, they’ll be massively disappointed.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted…Plug-Ins Your Blog NeedsMy Profile

  3. Love it! But someone’s likely to twist it and make it sexist. 😉 I settled on #BlogCrawl and Bookishness, for now.

    I even updated and gussied up my YouTube channel for you.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted…Plug-Ins Your Blog NeedsMy Profile