"It’s rare to see an author create a world that is truly fully formed…It’s a rare treat to see it done with such an effortless hand."

Cain S. Latrani

"Rodrigues’ storytelling skills are evident, smoothly weaving in multiple characters over spans of time and locations. "

Amazon Review

"You will love the words and how she creates a world and characters within."

Donna Ellison

The 140s

About Cairn

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Cairn was born and raised in and around Sacramento, Ca. As the only child with curly hair, it fell to her to be the family oddball. Which is saying quite a lot in that family. After a fairly disillusioning public school education, she entered the food service industry where she toiled many years and suffered many cuts, bruises and burns. After a five year tenure as the chef and owner of a small café, she finally decided it was too late in life to sustain so many reliably frequent injuries.

Realizing that computer keyboards were a safer route, she became a writer and hasn’t looked back. Now proudly published by Booktrope, her fantasy series has been given new life. Cairn is a cynical optimist, industriously lazy and a big bag of baffling contradictions. Basically, she’s just a piñata full of conflict.

And she still lives near Sacramento, CA.

About the Song of Solstice

The Last Prospector
Travellers and Tramps
Over a thousand years ago, in the misty times, The Boss sired the first Prospector. Since then, an unbroken chain of men have been guardians, shepherds and warriors for the world of Solstice. The Last Prospector kicks off the series with an introduction to a land of magicks and marvels, and the man at the very heart of it all. Grayme Ceruleya knows he is the last man to search for the unnamed treasure, it’s his destiny to find it.

Until he does, there’s work to be done. Tonyo, a runaway nomad with a special gift from the goddesses, is sent to help. Together, they travel the tiers carrying out the mission of the Prospectors, always on the lookout for something good to eat.

Unknown to Prospector, a very special baby is born. The world meant as a playground for the goddesses of light and dark became a battle field. The birth of the orange baby marks the beginning of the end. Many journeys are started, many travellers are called. The reason Solstice was made is becoming and everyone must choose.

Solstice is a world rich in wonders, both natural and not. Magicks are mundane and all the stories are true. The Final war between the Twins has started. A victor must be decided this time.

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